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Phil Loft is a Long Island native born March 11th 1989. Surrounded by everyone’s loving and supportive ways, Phil Loft was able to place his mind in an atmosphere of grace and creative uniqueness that comes through all of his works. Hearing music throughout the home and in the car, or attending many live concerts, and seeing well known artist perform on stage gave birth to Phil's becoming of a noted artist himself.  As music academic environments promoted his desires, his passion grew stronger and stronger.  Phil Loft’s mission to captivate an audience by provoking a high level of social conscious awareness toward the good outcomes we may experience after self-exploration, comes clearly through his insightful lyrics and melodic sounds. His debut single "Think B4 Sound" was released on September 28th 2015. The song speaks for itself.  When played with the smooth introduction of Congo’s and soft atmospheric sounds  joined by the smooth vocal delivery . Phil Loft presents a familiar style with a new age twist. Many say there is a musical resemblance of the shared styles of Seal, Sade, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and Sting in his style of music. His Song writing skills go far and wide with vocal abilities and characteristics that make you listen more than once.



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